Woods & Finishes


Please check the website from time to time to as we photograph as different colors and wood types as we make them

There are two types of saws people order from us. Bush craft saws and decoration saws. While both saws perform exactly the same consideration should be taken when selecting wood for bush craft use. Buckaws made for decoration can be made of any type 'stable' wood.

BUCKSAW WOOD TYPES (Upstate NY Native) - At this time we are offering the following wood types which are all native to NY state. These wood types are almost always guaranteed in stock as they come from surrounding logging forests.

Cherry (clear)
Cherry (premium)
Red Oak
Butternut (limited supply)
Ash (limited supply)

IMPORT WOOD TYPES - The below imported wood types are stocked weekly while supplies can change at anytime.

Olive Wood
Zebra Wood
Lace Wood
Canary Wood

WOOD TYPES (other)

We can order just about any wood type within reason and the buyer can also supply us wood they have in their possession.


When strength is desired the stronger woods are Oak, Hickory, Maple and Wenge. The lighter weight woods are Ash, Walnut, and Mahogany.


Boiled Linseed oil is our finish of choice. It is a durable finish that works very well on bucksaws used in bush craft. It dries fast, penetrates well, touches up easily, and brings wood to life when applied.

In other applications where different shades are desired we can use powered stains before the or applied with the boiled linseed. These are usually used to darken or change the wood shade.

When colors are desired we can use pigment dyes mixed into stain or linseed oil. This is a great choice when using your bucksaw as a tool but leaves a gentle or ‘pastel’ type colored finish. When bold color finishes are desired we can use candy apple lacquer clear coats. Although not extremely durable these finishes can be found at most hardware stores making later touch up easy. If max-durability candy color is desired, let’s say similar to that of an electric guitar, we can apply a two-stage urethane for a + $80 up charge. Please message us with color desired and any additional questions you may have.

If you desire a particular color match, mailing us a sample to match to assures the best possible color match. This is particularly useful when building saws for wall are such as lodges, taverns, restaurants and man caves!


By default the final clear coat we use is satin gloss. Satin provides a nice depth while providing a better grip in the event the saw gets wet.


Many buyers prefer the look of a veneered bucksaw. In addition to the unique look veneer sometimes provide an extra layer of strength. Because of the added strength when we make the veneer saws we can bring the thickness down from roughly a 3/4" to a 9/16” due to this added strength. (wood thickness varies from batch to batch as the lumber mill changes by when I believe to be “season”).

The Veneer combinations can be many different ways such as walnut over cherry or cherry over walnut. When deciding on a veneer wood combo it is usually a good idea to place a dark wood over a light wood or a light wood over a dark wood.

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