About Us



Hello, my name is Ed and I am the woodworker at Adventure Sworn. I am happy to announce the launch of the new bucksaw custom site. A dedicated website allows me to become more connected with the bucksaw buyers while offering a steady stream of different bucksaws. I have been a woodworker for many decades and have been making Adventure Sworn’s bucksaws since the beginning. Located in Saratoga County NY we are lucky to be near lumber mills, lumber yards and countless square acres of controlled logging forests.

Cody approached me one day asking me to come with a traditional bucksaw with a few of his own ideas woven in.  He brought me a list of requirements and some sketches on paper.  Cody rejected the first 15 prototypes then he finally said, “that’s it!”…but then, it was Amber’s turn!  All said and done I made twenty eight prototypes before everyone was happy with the current model. We have been making these since 2014.

After the first one hundred saws made their way out, users added a few small requests on their own which we added. Now after six years, things are moving along quite smoothly.

Walnut, Oak and Cherry saws still need to be purchased through AS website. They get priority when ordering as well. I will make and ship everything else from my shop.

The launch for the site was intended for Jan 1st, 2021 but is ready for a test run (Dec 1st, 2020). Purchasing can be done using postal money orders or using Paypal’s secure website.

Any “glitches” feel free to reach out and thank you for the visit! Ed